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Kristi's Books N Beans review of Rackle's Tub. Calls it Utterly Unique...

She gave me a 5 Star review! Well, actually a 5 Cup review! Click on the link below to visit her blog!
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Jan 28, 12

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for a review.

Rackle's Tub by Dorian Martin is absolutely, without a doubt, the most unique book out there. It's unfathomable that there is another title that even comes close to it. There's flying tubs for crying out loud!

The characters consist of a team of four dart players with names such as James O'Clock, Ticktock, Shard McEra, & Aster Day; a 19th century lady who starts a boxing ring, becomes immortal when she crossed into another dimension, and is named Punch; John Rackle a brilliant physicist who discovers Purgalapudlia, and who also happens to be a sociopath or maybe it's psychopath (he's twisted); and let's not forget Mother, who is completely creepy in her own right.

The story...combines so many elements that it seems to be a randomly thrown together idea, but it actually follows a plot and sticks to that plot no matter how many tangents it seems to go off on. In the end nothing is a tangent, it's all related, or at least connected, even though it's pure (but enjoyably fun) craziness along the way.

Rackle's Tub is so superbly unique it makes writing this review extremely difficult to do. So following Martin's example, let's just lay it all out there. It's unique, dark, humorous, vulgar, uncomfortable, entertaining, daring, twisted, surreal. Anyone with a zealously religious mindset will have serious issues with Rackle's version of angels and souls as energy. Punch is a force to be reckoned with. She's completely admirable and yet completely flawed. The Clocks (the dart team) is raucous and rambunctious as only young men can be.

Is there even a genre that will truly fit this book? It's highly unlikely. You can try to put it in a box, but it's...come on, in unison now... unique. Did you make note of the flying tubs?

In case, it's not clear, different is good. Unique is absolutely fabulous! Though if it wasn't for the fact that Martin was a writer, some serious counseling might just be the order for the day. What an imagination!

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